Artist: Electric Cafe
Album: Aqua Kitty UDX
Record Label: Electric Cafe Records
Release Date: October 10, 2016
Formats: Digital Download

1. Mothership (3:31)
2. In the Hunt (3:28)
3. Roll Tide (4:23)
4. Battle of the Deep (3:29)



The follow up to one of the best indie soundtracks ever!  UDX adds 4 new tracks to the already blistering soundscape of AQUA KITTY.


"The best part is actually its fantastic soundtrack that plays while you’re shooting robots under the sea. The soundtrack is an old school electronic style that fits the gameplay and mood of the game perfectly. Aqua Kitty UDX blends simple gameplay with modern visuals and an awesome soundtrack."

"The music in this game is absolutely fantastic! It reminds me of the superb Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. The music is energetic and flows well with the action on-screen, this, of course, helps keep the player’s attention. For anyone who enjoys old school esq music this game has you covered."

"Aqua Kitty is an overall great package, one great example is the sound and music. It totally captures the feeling from modern-day and the good old gaming days. It was a joy hearing the music while playing the action-packed gameplay."

"The music is where Aqua Kitty: UDX really shines, every tune is catchy and upbeat that it helped soften the blow of dying, as I got to listen to the music again from the top."

"Socially, Aqua Kitty’s pulsating beats and wailing synth sweeps sound evoke the same era as the visuals. Players could be forgiven for thinking that the sound team is putting the Genesis’ cherished Yamaha YM2612 chip through its paces."