A catchy soundtrack is one of the most important parts in creating a memorable video game. Even humming a few notes from your favorite old game can bring back fond memories that make you want to play it again and again. Mark Day of Electric Cafe is behind some of those tunes and is trusted by Disney, Sony, Nintendo, and Square Enix to make soundtracks for their digital content.

Electric Cafe is a music and sound design studio that has composed soundtracks for popular video game releases like Diner Dash and Championship Manager, as well as for indie games like Aqua Kitty. The latter’s soundtrack was listed among TwoDashStash’s “Top Ten Best Indie Game Soundtracks of All Time“.

Most recently Mark collaborated with Cody Carpenter (son of director/composer John Carpenter) to create the Japanese RPG inspired album "Shadow Spirits Vol. 1".

Beyond video game soundtracks, Electric Cafe has also developed tracks used in some of television’s most watched shows, like BBC’s Top Gear, Sky Sports’ Sky Sports Football, and iTV’s Jeremy Kyle Show. Securing huge clients like these in a highly competitive industry is no easy feat, but Electric Cafe rose to work with the best thanks to their capability to produce highly popular and memorable music.