Artist: Electric Cafe
Album: Championship Manager 2010
Release Date: September 11, 2009
Formats: PC, Mac

1. Championship Manager Theme (3:47)
2. Team Talks I (2:48)
3. Team Talks II (0:57)
4. Team Talks III (1:58)



We designed a fully immersive crowd system for the match engine. It was also customisable to allow players to add their own custom chants to the game.

We also composed the music for all the marketing material for the 2010 edition and subsequent handheld releases.


“The stadium sounds are generally excellent. Hearing a massive crowd convincly “ooh” and “ah” as the ball ricochets off the crossbar or sneaks wide of the post does serve to increase your emotional involvement with each game”

“The crowd chants add oodles of atmosphere”