Artist: Electric Cafe
Album: Crazy Comets
Record Label: Electric Cafe Records
Release Date: 8 July 2016
Formats: Digital Download


1. Crazy Comets Theme (4:17)
2. Cosmic Plains (6:02)
3. Space Rumba (3:11)



The long awaited follow up to Aqua Kitty & Rock Boshers. Crazy Comets continues the chip tune tradition that has won Electric Cafe fans worldwide.

Crazy Comets is an award winning arcade game for iOS and Android that has beautifully crafted pixel graphics and an equally stunning soundtrack.

Electric Cafe has used the in built synthesiser from the Commodore 64 to compose a fitting soundtrack that draws inspiration from C64 legends such as Hubbard, Galway and Daglish.

Crisp, dazzling and downright funky Crazy Comets provides a great listen for any chip tune fan.


"Another amazing video game soundtrack that seems like it belongs with a colourful scroller shouting out greetings to various crews." Axis500