Artist: Electric Cafe
Album: Mary King's Riding School
Release Date: August, 2008
Formats: Nintendo DS

1. Mary King's Riding School Theme (3:54)
2. Cross Country (2:23)
3. Dressage (2:22)
4. Show Jumping (1:49)



Mary King's Riding School, let Mary King show you how to be a champion. Learn to care for, train and prepare your horses to compete at the highest level. Take part in international events across the globe in the three major equestrian disciplines; Dressage, Cross Country and Show Jumping.


"Pleasant sound and easy-going music"

"The soundtrack here is very calm and soothing while riding through villages, but picks up in intensity during more demanding events. All in all though, the music here fits the category of gentle pop and matches well with the upbeat nature of the game."