Artist: Electric Cafe
Album: Operation: Vietnam
Release Date: August 14, 2007
Formats: Nintendo DS

1. Intro (0:14)
2. Operation: Vietnam Theme (1:28)
3. Mission Briefing (0:50)
4. End Boss (1:45)
5. Escape from the City (1:55)



In Operation: Vietnam, a chopper flight over the thick jungles of worn- torn Vietnam goes horribly wrong as the transport is shot down deep inside Viet Cong territory. Surrounded by the enemy, players must rally their squad and lead them back to safety. Along the way, players must fend off repeated assaults while liberating oppressed villagers.


"The sound effects are good. The jungle has plenty of ambient sounds, and the gunfire and screams of a dying enemy are surprisingly satisfying." Worth Playing

"An abundance of nice sound effects set up a nice atmosphere" GameZone

"The jungle and other combat environments look and sound great." "Heavy on atmospheric sound effects." Cheat Code Central